I'm not one to make a bunch of resolutions at the New Year.  That's not to say that I don't believe in making them. I think that anything you do with good intention is well worth the thought and  energy. My personal problem with New Year Resolutions is that I tend to think on a much broader scale and I find it hard to articulate what my resolutions are. But, I'll give it a shot...


Be Kind.

This is something that I have tried my best to put into practice my entire adult life. My mother and grandmother always taught me to be kind before everything else. Sadly, I will admit that there have been times in my life (high school in particular) that I look back and I have to say that I was not kind. I can remember the exact day when it clicked and I realized how unkind I had been to someone that I had once called a friend. It was the day of my senior prom. From that moment on, I realized, I needed to get my act together. I'll spare you the details of that messy story, as my goal is to keep this post moving in a positive direction, but perhaps I'll find a good time to write about that in the future. 

Kindness is something that is so essential to human life and absolutely necessary for the harmony of the world. It is not always easy to do, especially when we feel hurt or wronged, but it is so incredibly important. The world needs more kindness and understanding and we all need to keep that in the very front of our minds every day. Kindness is at the top of my list this year, because I feel that at this time in our history, the world is truly in need of it. It will remain on my list of resolutions always as a reminder to be kind to others and to help others realize that kindness can eradicate all evil. 

Give Back.

There is so much out there to be done. I've donated time at food kitchens, volunteered at my neighborhood AIDS foundation and involved myself in charity races, but I haven't come close to doing my part for my community. My charitable work has been totally pathetic and I want to change that immediately. I have applied to be a volunteer tutor at a Learning Lab for underprivileged elementary and middle school aged children who are in need of guidance and extra assistance outside of school hours. I urge everyone to carve out what little time you may have in your busy work week/month/year and find an organization that speaks to you. Where can you be of help? What skill do you have to offer? If the mere thought of simply figuring out where you want to volunteer overwhelms you, start with Neighborhood of Good for some ideas.  Neighborhood of Good is a program sponsored by State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company. I am not a State Farm insured, but this program is sure making me consider switching over.  

Neighborhood of Good will provide you with numerous options and the website is a simple and easy to navigate. You will be prompted to input your city or zip code and then you will be taken to a long list of charitable organizations in your community that need your help. Organizations range from working to hand out meals at a homeless shelter to installing hand rails in showers and hallways of elderly homeowners in order to allow them to stay safe and independent while living in their own home.  I even found an organization called DOOBERT in which you sign up to drive a leg of a journey in effort to save animals by transporting them from hihg-kill shelters to no-kill shelters. So cool!

Get involved. Give back. Pay it forward. 

Stay Present.

Simple. Less television, less phone time, less computer time, less distraction. More time with every last person that I love. 

Keep Moving.

In every sense of the phrase. Physically move every day. No more sedentary work days where I stare at my computer and edit/type the daylight away. Work Hard, and continue to grow my business. Improve everything I can, one step at a time. Slow progress in a forward direction is my goal and will continue to be my goal until my last day. Move forward in a positive direction and grow in my relationships with my husband, with my family and with my friends who are pretty much family. This is a reminder not to be content or complacent in life. Always. Keep. Moving. 

I hope that everyone out there, whether making resolutions this year or not, will take some time for reflection today. Happy 2018, friends! Let's make this the best year yet! And now...I'll leave you with a snap chat of my tall Nebraskan and our teeny Chihuahua, bringing in the New Year at home on the couch. Cheers!!!