Fall Mini Portrait Sessions!

Hello friends and families! Happy end of summer!!! This is my favorite time of year and I am so anxious to get the Holiday season underway. Fall has been my very favorite season since I was a little girl. I looked forward to Thanksgiving at my Nana’s house and the smell of rain lingering in the crisp morning air. It is absolutely the best time of the year.

I have had an unreal year packed full of weddings and portraits sessions of all kinds and September and October have been especially busy. So, I am announcing my dates later than last year and my dates fall later than last year as well. If you missed my sessions last year, now is the time to jump on it. I already have a few of my past year families signed up ahead of time and I can’t wait to see you all again.

I want to encourage people in all different relationships to book a session. Do not let the fact that you are a single parent allow you to miss out on having portraits done with your little ones. Do not let the fact that you do not have children or are not married sway you from booking a session either. Last year, one of my unmarried couples came out for portraits and a few months later they were engaged! I’ll be photographing their wedding next year! Everyone deserves beautiful portraits of their loved ones and this is a really affordable, convenient way to do it. This is just a thought, but if I could go back in time, I’d make sure I would have gotten portraits of my Nana with my Mom done. These portraits aren’t just good for Christmas Cards. You will keep these images for a lifetime. Think outside the box!

Please continue to read below for details and tips on the the session and locations. 

My mini sessions are designed for families of 6 people or less and will last 20 minutes. The session fee is $200 with a $100 non-refundable deposit due upon reserving your session time slot. This will be a very condensed version of my full portrait session and you will receive 8 beautifully retouched digital high resolution images on a photo sharing gallery. You will have the option of buying prints and products as well as additional images from the session if you so choose.

The Brea Tree Farm is fantastic for families with little ones and families who want to include their dog in their portrait! This location booked up immediately last year and I had so many families I had to turn away for this spot, so if you are looking for a Christmas Tree session, do not delay.

I will be doing another blog post on session styling in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for that if you need a little direction in that area.

I look forward to capturing some new faces and reuniting with some of my favorite families! Please note that November 12th is a Monday and a Holiday and November 16th is a Friday.

The dates and locations are as follows:

October 28th - Caspers Wilderness Park - San Juan Capistrano, CA *** BOOKED ***

November 3rd - Caspers Wilderness Park - San Juan Capistrano, CA *** 4 p.m. slot left ***

November 4th - Manhattan Beach, CA *** 4 p.m. slot left ***

November 11th - Tree Farm* - Brea, CA *** BOOKED ***

November 12th - Tree Farm* - Brea, CA *** 2 spots left ***

November 16th - Manhattan Beach, CA *** 4:30 p.m. slot left ***

November 18th - Manhattan Beach, CA *** BOOKED ***

Book your session by emailing me at kellymcdanielphoto@gmail.com

* Dogs are welcome at this location

Note: If these dates do not work with your schedule, I will continue to take full sessions and quick sessions until mid December. Quick sessions are offered Monday -Thursday only. Please email me for details.

Tracy and Billy's New Love

One of the most unique privileges that accompanies being a wedding photographer is being given the honor of photographing new life. When Tracy emailed me with the exciting news that she was expecting a baby girl, it took me about 30 seconds to realize their baby's arrival would be a very, very joyous first anniversary gift for the couple. 

Sweet little Adelina was anxious to meet her parents and decided to show up three weeks early, to the entire family's elation! Here is a little peek into this adorable newborn home session that marked one of the greatest milestones in Tracy and Billy's lives. I am thrilled for you both. All my love to your new family of three!

Boudoir Mini Marathon - January 14th, 2018!!!!

Hi Ladies! It's finally here! After so many requests, I am making my Boudoir sessions available in a shortened session right in time for Valentine's Day. On January 14th, I will be holding my Boudoir Mini Marathon in Costa Mesa, California. The mini boudoir session is $200 and includes the following:

- 30 minutes session that will allow for 1-2 outfits.

- online proofing gallery to select your favorite digital images.

- 5 digital edited high resolution images to download, delivered on an online password protected photo gallery.

Your edited images will be completed and delivered to you by January 29th, if not sooner! This will allow you time to print on your own or order prints and products (like the little black book) from me in time for Valentine's Day. You will also have the option to order more images from the session or purchase a complete buyout of your proofing gallery.

Take a look at a few of my beautiful Intimate By Kelly clients below (and in my website gallery) and email me at kellymcdanielphoto@gmail.com to book your session! 

My 10 Favorite Images of 2017

2017 was INSANE. 2017 was insane and I felt outside of my mind most of the year. But 2017 was also filled with incredible moments. The incredible, warm moments outweighed the crazy and stressful times and for that, I am thankful. This is just a quick highlight of my year, personally and professionally and I hope you enjoy this line up.


Magic. This moment was pure magic. Chris and Libby held their wedding at Catherine's Terrace on Santa Catalina Island. Descanso Beach is backed up to the canyon that is heavily wooded on the island and houses Descanso Beach Club, Catherine's Terrace and a zip line for the more adventurous island goer. This was hands down, one of the most picturesque ceremony sites I have ever photographed and the "uninvited guests" melted our hearts. The ceremony had concluded and we were just finishing up portraits of the bridal party when two deer slowly and very quietly emerged from the hills. These four legged friends were clearly regulars at Descanso Beach Club weddings and knew just who to target. The Bride. The Bride was carrying the most beautiful luscious bouquet/dinner and the deer was determined. She was not shy and she was almost pushy. Chris ended up taking the bouquet from Libby after we sensed the friendly creature was not backing down and we relocated up the hill while the deer settled for the yummy palm frond arch. I'll never forget it.


Gretchen and her newest little love gave me all of those butterflies. This sweet moment needs no explanation. #sigh

Tracy Dwyer is in the process of writing two fitness books, is buffer than buff and just turned 60. She is a truly kind hearted individual whose passion and drive inspires so many. I am incredibly thankful that we crossed paths this year. I feel like a stronger person just knowing and being around her. Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post on Tracy! 

#7 Donuts and Soul Mates

#7 Donuts and Soul Mates

Jason and Lauren met in high school when in Europe on a School trip (different schools, different states!) and maintained a long lasting friendship so deep that it weathered many years apart and many personal changes only to bring them full circle to marriage...THIS WEEKEND! This incredibly  kind, funny couple took me to Michigan with them to Uncle John's Cider Mill to capture their engagement session. We wandered the corn mazes, thumped pumpkins in the crazy huge pumpkin patch and hung out in the apple orchard where all of the cider magic is born. This California girl was in Authentic Fall Heaven. In a short period of time, I've met and created a friendship with Jason and Lauren enough to confidently feel that this image is them. As we sat and munched on donuts and sipped cider while we waited for the sun to set a bit, they giggled and chatted and this was one of my favorite moments of the trip. This is the picture I will have in my head when I jump head first into capturing their wedding this weekend. I can't wait!


Little James may not know he's ready, but he will be soon enough. Mom and Dad say that he is not entirely grasping the fact that there will be a new little life in the house and that is okay. We are all excited enough for him and I know that Mom and Dad are going to make the transition a good one. Two of my best friends in the world (Amanda, mummy to James) and my college roomie are both warming up baby #2 and are due very soon. Its going to be a year full of new babies! Maybe that is why I am feeling so good about 2018! So much new love to come!!!

#5 Sheer Joy

#5 Sheer Joy

Andrew blew Heather away by surprising her with an early morning proposal on Bolsa Chica Beach. I actually think he may have surprised himself a little bit...he was definitely overcome with excitement as you can see. I was shooting and weeping a bit and trying to keep it together. Andrew's surprise proposal was featured on How He Asked by the Knot. I'll be capturing their wedding this March and I am so looking forward to more excitement and emotion from this handsome young gent. 

#4 Love is the Thing

#4 Love is the Thing

Daniela, Tommy and Briella celebrated together this May at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay, in San Diego. This was immediately my favorite image of their wedding, because to me, it says it all. I adore the way that Daniela and Tommy honor their love for each other and their love for Briella by incorporating their precious little baby in their ceremony. Daniela and Tommy are over the moon in love with Briella and have told me that their little daughter has done nothing but enhance and bring joy to their lives. It is so apparent here. I'm such a sucker for crazy obsessed parents. Cue the ugly cry over here behind this computer screen.

#3 Words of Wisdom

#3 Words of Wisdom

I was fortunate enough to photograph one of my dear friend's family portrait in honor of her Grandfather's (pictured here with Grandma) 90th Birthday. Not pictured in this image are their three children, 6 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren. After we shot the large extended family portrait, I got Grandma and Grandma alone for a moment and wasn't entirely prepared for their personalities to shine so brightly. Grandpa's 90, right? Right. But he was so completely tuned in. I asked that old question that most of the adult population really truly wants to know...simply, "What is the secret to your marriage?" Without skipping a beat, Grandma says, "Neither of us would take the kids." This image was the very moment after that statement and Grandpa was bursting with laughter. Grandma was pretty satisfied with her answer as well. So was I. I'll carry this little piece of advice with me until I'm in my 90's, especially if I end up having children. 

This is the only image in the top 10, that I did not take. This image was taken by my husband's good friend, Dave Salinas (we love you, Dave), moments before the guys left the hotel to head to our ceremony. There was a communication breakdown and our photographer wasn't able to make it over to my husband to capture the getting ready photos I was really hoping for. Things happen. Weddings never go according to plan. Our wedding, however, was near perfect to us. We woke up the next morning feeling like the day was more than we could've asked for and our friends and family were the reasons why. The morning after the wedding, Dave emailed us a couple dozen smart phone pics. That email contained this image and I was giddy inside. A moment that I will probably never understand, but one that I will cherish, because of the happiness shared here between Ian and his mom. I can't tell you, Dave (if you're reading this), how thankful I am for you and all of your photography. Oh, also for leaving your family in Switzerland on your birthday to come celebrate with us. That too.   

#1 My Mom, My Heart

#1 My Mom, My Heart

This is my mom. She is the reason for everything. I love her so and I love her because of this. If any of my other professional photographer friends can say that their mom busted out a disposable camera while you were getting ready for your very own wedding, please raise your hand. Probably not too many of you. If you had this experience, you might just understand what makes my mom so special. She's the best. That's where I'll leave it. 


I'm not one to make a bunch of resolutions at the New Year.  That's not to say that I don't believe in making them. I think that anything you do with good intention is well worth the thought and  energy. My personal problem with New Year Resolutions is that I tend to think on a much broader scale and I find it hard to articulate what my resolutions are. But, I'll give it a shot...


Be Kind.

This is something that I have tried my best to put into practice my entire adult life. My mother and grandmother always taught me to be kind before everything else. Sadly, I will admit that there have been times in my life (high school in particular) that I look back and I have to say that I was not kind. I can remember the exact day when it clicked and I realized how unkind I had been to someone that I had once called a friend. It was the day of my senior prom. From that moment on, I realized, I needed to get my act together. I'll spare you the details of that messy story, as my goal is to keep this post moving in a positive direction, but perhaps I'll find a good time to write about that in the future. 

Kindness is something that is so essential to human life and absolutely necessary for the harmony of the world. It is not always easy to do, especially when we feel hurt or wronged, but it is so incredibly important. The world needs more kindness and understanding and we all need to keep that in the very front of our minds every day. Kindness is at the top of my list this year, because I feel that at this time in our history, the world is truly in need of it. It will remain on my list of resolutions always as a reminder to be kind to others and to help others realize that kindness can eradicate all evil. 

Give Back.

There is so much out there to be done. I've donated time at food kitchens, volunteered at my neighborhood AIDS foundation and involved myself in charity races, but I haven't come close to doing my part for my community. My charitable work has been totally pathetic and I want to change that immediately. I have applied to be a volunteer tutor at a Learning Lab for underprivileged elementary and middle school aged children who are in need of guidance and extra assistance outside of school hours. I urge everyone to carve out what little time you may have in your busy work week/month/year and find an organization that speaks to you. Where can you be of help? What skill do you have to offer? If the mere thought of simply figuring out where you want to volunteer overwhelms you, start with Neighborhood of Good for some ideas.  Neighborhood of Good is a program sponsored by State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company. I am not a State Farm insured, but this program is sure making me consider switching over.  

Neighborhood of Good will provide you with numerous options and the website is a simple and easy to navigate. You will be prompted to input your city or zip code and then you will be taken to a long list of charitable organizations in your community that need your help. Organizations range from working to hand out meals at a homeless shelter to installing hand rails in showers and hallways of elderly homeowners in order to allow them to stay safe and independent while living in their own home.  I even found an organization called DOOBERT in which you sign up to drive a leg of a journey in effort to save animals by transporting them from hihg-kill shelters to no-kill shelters. So cool!

Get involved. Give back. Pay it forward. 

Stay Present.

Simple. Less television, less phone time, less computer time, less distraction. More time with every last person that I love. 

Keep Moving.

In every sense of the phrase. Physically move every day. No more sedentary work days where I stare at my computer and edit/type the daylight away. Work Hard, and continue to grow my business. Improve everything I can, one step at a time. Slow progress in a forward direction is my goal and will continue to be my goal until my last day. Move forward in a positive direction and grow in my relationships with my husband, with my family and with my friends who are pretty much family. This is a reminder not to be content or complacent in life. Always. Keep. Moving. 

I hope that everyone out there, whether making resolutions this year or not, will take some time for reflection today. Happy 2018, friends! Let's make this the best year yet! And now...I'll leave you with a snap chat of my tall Nebraskan and our teeny Chihuahua, bringing in the New Year at home on the couch. Cheers!!!


Fall Mini Sessions Are Here!!!

Hello friends and families! I sure hope everyone had a fantastic Labor Day weekend and stayed cool in this Southern California heat wave we've been having. Now if you're like me, this is about the time you start getting really excited, because fall is just around the corner. I mean, who doesn't love the smell of a good fireplace floating through the air, breaking out your chunky sweaters and knee high boots, the anticipation of the Holidays and of course FOOTBALL SEASON! 

Sadly, I am aware that Labor Day weekend also marks the end of summer. That can be a hard pill to swallow for some, even though the summer sun worshipers know that it is coming every year, at the exact same time. That said, I won't pretend that I have a solution that will wash away your end of summer blues, but I might have a way to get you prepared early for the Holiday season and perhaps bring a little bit of love and sunshine to your days in a round about sort of way. 

I've had requests for the past several years for mini portrait sessions and have had it on my list of to-dos and have never brought the plan to fruition. So, today I am rolling out 7 days of mini portrait sessions in various locations all over Orange County. The mini sessions are designed for families of 6 people or less and will last 20 minutes. This will be a very condensed version of my full portrait session and you will receive 10 beautifully retouched digital high resolution images on a photo sharing gallery. I would love to capture your annual family portraits and help get those long overdue portrait updates checked off your list. I look forward to capturing some new faces and reuniting with some of my favorite families!

The dates and locations are as follows:

October 15th - Salt Creek Beach - Dana Point, CA *** BOOKED ***

October 28th - Riley Wilderness Park - Mission Viejo, CA

October 29th - Riley Wilderness Park - Mission Viejo, CA *** BOOKED ***

November 4th - Salt Creek Beach - Dana Point, CA

November 5th - Tree Farm - Brea, CA *** BOOKED ***

November 11th - Caspers Wilderness Park - San Juan Capistrano, CA

November 12th - Peters Canyon Regional Park - Orange, CA *** BOOKED ***

Book your session by emailing me at kellymcdanielphoto@gmail.com


Source: https://kellymcdanielphoto.simplybook.me

Didn't know I'd be here today

Yesterday was a really special day for me. I was editing all morning in the comfort of my tiny bayside apartment with my friend and co-worker, Chico. I did a couple of loads of laundry and then headed out to pick up my nephew from his third day of Kindergarten. 

I drove out seriously early, arriving thirty minutes before he was supposed to be getting out (because those crazy Kindergarten teachers are unpredictable. I mean, what if she lets my little buddy out early and he wanders down the street and gets lost and it is all my fault) and I waited with one other very young looking father in front of the Kindergarten classrooms. It was over 100 degrees, I paced and paced and felt like a total creeper being there so early, but that was okay. I belonged there. I was there for a child. Finally, the doors opened and I saw my little nephew's head peak out the door! He ran to me and hugged me and said, "Auntie Kells! Are we going to the beach?!" "We sure are!" I replied.



We hopped back on the freeway and took a little detour to Snow Monster, because (if we're being honest) I was in the mood for an ice cream sandwich. Orion enjoyed about three bites of ice cream with gummy worms and fruity pebbles and I tried GUINNESS ICE CREAM. You read that right!!! Side note... it tasted just like Guinness and it was delicious. 


After our ice cream pit stop, Orion helped me fold some laundry, we sunscreened up and went out to the bay. We played in the water for a few hours on the lonely beach until the breeze kicked up and this unusual heat turned to a chill. The clouds rolled in and Orion was actually ready to go inside for a change. We made dinner together and watched Moana. It was a special day.


You are probably wondering what made this day so special. Truly, days like this should all be special no matter what, but yesterday shook me. Maybe it was because I arrived too early to pick Orion up from school and had too much time to think. Or maybe it is because I have a ton of personal events coming up and I am overcome with emotion and this is the way it is all coming out, but I was taken aback by my own emotions yesterday. 

Two years ago, I was sitting in this same teeny bayside apartment, truly loathing life. I was working as a Litigation Specialist for a company that knew little of my existence, nor did they care about my mental or physical state. I was in and out of court, arguing with attorneys on a daily basis and dealing with people who were usually experiencing the worst times of their life. I was working 50-60 hours a week for my Lit job and was putting in 40+ hours a week shooting weddings, portraits, boudoir and editing everything as well. I had gained nearly 20 pounds in about two years and I was seriously neglecting myself and ALL of my relationships. I was miserable. I had a mini meltdown when my boss wouldn't let me leave to see my nephew's first Pre-School recital. I sat at my desk and cried pathetically into my keyboard and told myself, this isn't where you are supposed to be. That was two years ago.

Now, I spend my days shooting beautiful Boudoir clients, documenting weddings and editing and perfecting my craft. I am not at all where I want to be in my business...I don't think I ever will be. I do not have it in my makeup to be satisfied with myself. I will always strive to be better and to grow and to make something more of myself. But for now, I am happy with where I am. I have time for friends and family and for myself. I am still in a state of decompression as a residual effect of that time in my life. I am still anxious and feeling like I am playing catch-up and I still feel like I am on overdrive most of the time.  That's okay. I am learning to adapt to being happy. That sounds bizarre (I know it as I type it out and see it in front of me). I don't think it is a bizarre thing to be going through though. I spent over ten years feeling like I was in the wrong place, going through the motions, making more money year after year, doing what I thought was right and it was just so wrong. So, I am giving myself permission to be happy and live my life the way I see fit, not the way I thought I was supposed to be living it. It will continue to be an adjustment, but I will be unapologetically happy with where I am now. I've earned it. 


I encourage everyone to dig deep this week and think seriously about the state of their happiness. If it is less than what you want it to be...what can you do to change it? If your financial, family, personal situation won't allow you to make large immediate changes, what small thing can you change today or in the short term to change the course of your happiness? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Happy Friday friends!

Diana and Dave's Malibu, California Engagement Session

Diana and Dave met at a Ballroom Dance class in college...how cute is that?!?!?! When I asked Dave why he decided to take a Ballroom Dance class, he replied that it sounded like a pretty good way to meet girls. Was he ever right! 

I can only imagine that Dave didn't anticipate meeting the love of his life in that class back in college, but here he is getting ready to embark on the greatest adventure of all with Diana. Diana and Dave will be getting married early next year and their Malibu, California engagement session was as sweet as I expected. They soaked up the sun and danced in the waves and I didn't want to put my camera down. I hope you enjoy a bit of their gallery!

So. Cal Surfer Asks The Big Question!!! (Featured on How He Asked)

Andrew and Heather met at church in their hometown of Downey, California and have been going strong for the past 2 years. Andrew decided to ask Heather to marry him at his favorite local surf spot in Bolsa Chica State Beach in Orange County, California. 

I set out early Thursday morning to stake out my post at Tower #18 to witness the romantic proposal unfold. Andrew surfs at the same tower each time he heads out to get some early morning shredding in and likes to take sleepy Heather anytime he can. Unsuspecting Heather helped Andrew pull his board out of the bag to find the best message imaginable on the bottom side. 

Needless to say, Heather was completely surprised! Good work, Andrew!

Heather and Andrew's proposal was featured on How He Asked by The Knot...check it out!

Megan and Colby's Newport Beach, California Engagement Session

Megan and Colby met in college... Megan walked into a bagel shop, noticed Colby (handsome as all get out) and she was instantly smitten. They were both dating other people at the time...so they went about their lives. Several years later, they reconnected after college through social media and that was all she wrote! Now, they are happily engaged and planning to marry next year! I shot their engagement session around Newport Beach, California and they were totally adorable together!

Portrait of a Makeup Artist - Makeup by Sarah Kathleen

This is Sarah, friends. She is fabulous. So, I decided to follow her around Balboa Island for an hour or so to see if her fabulousness would wear off on me. I'm not sure if it worked, but regardless, I got to spend a warm spring morning over iced tea and pastries at Crocker's Abundant Table (a new addition to sister restaurant, Crocker's "The Well Dressed Frank") while chatting about life and career goals and Sarah's current studies at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Overall, I am super impressed with this young woman...and she's just a doll to hang out with!

Sarah is one of my favorite Makeup Artists and has been a professional Makeup Artist for over 10 years! She has trained with and worked for Paul Mitchell, Tigi, MAC, Yves Saint Laurent and Le Metier de Beaute. She is currently studying Beauty Industry Merchandise Marketing at F.I.D.M. with plans of being the Creative Director for a Cosmetic Company. Sarah says she will always do professional makeup for weddings because her passion is making women feel beautiful. I regularly send brides and clients to Sarah and she often accompanies me in studio with my Boudoir clients. My clients all adore her and her work is just flawless. Take a closer peak at her work

Sarah's edgy beach style was a breath of fresh air around the sleepy little streets of Balboa Island. She was simply beautiful in a fitted black tank, flowing floral skirt with a slit that was nearly waist high in the coolest way possible and a classic jean jacket. Ensemble on point! 

Angelica & Nick's Malibu, California Engagement Session

Angelica and Nick had a dreamy sun filled engagement session in the hills of Malibu, California. Angelica wore a pale pink flowing over dress and her long wavy hair was even more romantic. I hope this session inspires you to incorporate our beautiful California nature in your engagement session! Enjoy!

Gorgeous hair and makeup by Sarah Kathleen.

Annie's Elegant Bridal Shower at the Villa

I had the pleasure of capturing the Bridal Shower of the lovely Annie at the Villa in Woodland Hills, California. Annie's best friends and family gathered on a beautiful afternoon to celebrate her upcoming marriage to her fiancé, Matthew.

The guests were greeted with Mimosas and individual succulents that served as escort cards as they walked through the door.  The tables were adorned with gorgeous pink and peach florals by Avant Garden and personal bottles of rosemary olive oil for everyone to take home.

The ladies played some very unique (and seriously hilarious) games and enjoyed a delicious light lunch followed by a very decadent finale. The guests enjoyed and incredible hand painted, gold foil cake by Vera's Cakes in Monrovia and a dessert table filled with candy, cake pops, pastries and French Macarons. As an extra little treat, Matthew arrived with a bouquet of flowers for his bride to be! I was truly impressed with the time and thought that went into making Annie's Bridal Shower one of a kind.

This event was published in The Southern California Bride blog, so please take a look for even more lovely details on the day!

My Top 10 Images of 2015

So, there's a lot going around right now on Instagram about #2015bestnine, blah, blah, blah. Don't get me wrong, I am a willing participant. It's fun. It's an interesting little experiment. I allowed some unknown app to filter through my IG and calculate my most liked images and then put them together in a cute little square shaped collage. Every image in my #2015bestnine were images from weddings, with the exception of one commercial shoot with a mommy fashion blogger and her toddler. The popularity of these top 9 images doesn't necessarily mean they are my favorite. In fact, some of my favorite images of 2015, never even showed up on my Instagram page.

Well, I'm taking back the reins from the almighty Instagram and sharing my TOP 10 favorite images of 2015. That's right, I've stepped it up an image. Here are my top 10 images of 2015, some business, some personal.

10. Christmas in the Desert

  9. Real Life Snow White

8. Bucket List, St. Barths

7. Old Friends, New Friends

6. Lady Loves

5. Serenity, Saint Martin

4. Love At It's Finest


3. Milestone of a Baby Adored

2. Family

1. Wanderlust, Wanderlove

Good Stuff Coming Soon

Welcome friends to my blog!

I've been revamping the past two weeks and I hope you'll stick with me, because I've got a ton of fun to share in the near future. In the meantime, I hope to connect with you all...shoot me an email, drop me a quick hello on IG and I'll be seeing you soon!